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Amethyst Good Gemstones handcrafted Ring- Sterling Silver Purple Amethyst Ring – Amethyst Ring, Sterling Silver, Purple, girls jewelry, Gems ring, valentine’s day gift, personalized jewelry, highest selling shops, Ring girls jewelry, Amethyst Good Gemstones, Ring gift for teacher’s day **** The South American deposits in particular, which were not discovered until the nineteenth century, brought down the price of the violet gemstone. The amethyst bracelet of Queen Charlotte of England, which was so famo us at the beginning of the 18th century, its value being estimated at 2000 pounds sterling at that time, was apparently worth only 100 pounds 200 years later. However, the price has a close relationship with the quality, and the quality varies immensely. Most of the material from Brazil is light-coloured, a tender purple. In Madagascar, it is generally red or violet hues which are found. Uruguay supplies the most beautiful and the deepest colour, but it is mostly blemished. Th us immaculate stones of the finest violet still fetch carat prices of well over a hundred euros. Mounted with diamond braid trimming, as has been the c ustom for some 100 years, enchanting pieces of jewellery are th us created. No wonder that people find it worth going to the trouble of producing imitations and synthetics.